Thursday, September 8, 2011

Favorite Beauty Products

I love reading about and watching YouTube videos about favorite products. I've tried numerous new products because of it and found tons of things I love so I thought I'd do one of my own. These are just a select few of my favorite products but right now they are things I reach for everyday and can't live without. Enjoy :)

Hair Products:

KMS HairPlay Makeover Spray: an awesome texturizing spray that is kind of like dry shampoo but has               other things in it too. It smells awesome, like peppermint.

Pureology NanoWorks Shampoo and Conditioner: This stuff is CRAZY expensive ($50/bottle) but you can get it on Amazon for a little bit less and it lasts FOREVER because you only need a tiny bit. If you lighten your hair like me this is a must to keep it healthy. I dye my hair a lot and I have dry hair to begin with so I can't live without it!

Goldwell Star Polish: an amazing styling product, I use it every single day. It's like a wax/pomade that adds shine and texture. Smells good too!

John Frieda skinny serum: this helps with blowdrying, great for when you're straightening your hair, seals split ends and helps with frizziness. I've used this stuff forever and I got this one for $5 at Ulta.

Batiste dry shampoo: I just found out about this from another beauty blogger on YouTube. You can get it at Sally's or Ulta. I think it's around $8. It's a great dry shampoo, there are SO many crappy dry shampoos out there but this one really does the trick for days that you don't wash your hair (I wash mine every 2-3 days). I also use it right after I blow dry to keep my roots from showing!

Last but not least, Goldwell curly twist spray: this has two formulas in it that separate and you have to shake before using to mix them. I use it when I wear my hair curly, it helps my natural curl, adds shine, and cuts down on frizziness.

Face Products:

Origins VitaZing Moisturizer: This stuff breaks my heart......because it is so completely amazing but I can't use it. I heard about it from TiffanyD on YouTube and she raved about it so I tried it out and it is incredible!!! But it made my face break sad. It is a tinted moisturizer but it doesn't "tint" until you rub it in and when it does......Ahhhhhhhh angels sing from the Heavens. Hahaha. It has this ingredient called Mangosteen in it (all natural) and it's like it changes to the natural color of your face and just makes your skin look awesome, naturally. Check it out (my skin is just super sensitive so it probably doesn't make other people break out)

St. Ives Apricot Scrub: Everybody knows the deal with this one, it's been around for decades. Hands down it's the best facial scrub there is. I've been using it since I was in middle school.

Dove beauty bar:  I use this before I use my cleanser at night to wash off my makeup. No matter what type of makeup I have on (Pro longwear foundation, waterproof mascara, all of it) this takes it off and it's so good for your skin, not drying at all. The only thing I've seen that it won't take off is the MAC liquidlast liner. That insane. You have to use straight up oil to get that off!

Origins GinZing eye cream:  Awesome for puffiness and dark circles! Worth the $$$

Clarisonic Mia: Holy Grail. Seriously. I use it every night with my cleanser and it really gets your cleanser deep into the skin (the brush vibrate super fast and cleans your skin really well) and it makes your face feel super soft!!

Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask: I either use this or the Deep Clean cream cleanser. They're both great, Neutrogena is where it's at for skin care ;)

Finally....MAC Fix + Spray: If I were stranded on an island this is the one thing I would take. It's that incredible. I think it's mostly water and green tea but you can spritz it over your face whenever you need some moisture and it feels Ahhhhmazing! I use it after I wash my face, right before I put on foundation, after I finish putting on my makeup (makes your skin look fresh and pretty). Just all around an awesome to die for product.
 Body (and Lips)

Body Shop Coconut Body Scrub (and lip butter): OMG this smells so good I want to eat it!! Aside from that though, it's the best body scrub I've ever tried. I use it about every 3-4 days and right before I get a spray tan or use self tanner. The lip butter is awesome too, it tastes great and is very moisturizing. It makes me want to go to the beach!

Johnson's Lavender and Chamomile body lotion: I use this at night before bed, it's super soft and calming....sleep - coming right up!

C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve: I heard of this from Michele1218 on YouTube and you can get it at Bath and Body Works or the C.O. Bigelow website/store. The texture is a lot like Vaseline but it smells like roses. I love it.

St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse: Holy Grail self tanner. Best one EVER. I mix it with a little bit of lotion and apply it all over. It doesn't have that horrible self tanner smell and it's never orange either. Expensive but so worth it.

Lorac TANtalizer: I picked this up at Sephora, it's shimmery and bronzy. Makes you look all glowy and pretty :) I just use it on my arms, chest, and legs.

EOS lip balm: I bought this at Ulta but I think you can get it at drugstores/Walmart/Target too. It comes in the cutest packaging and they have the best flavors. I have peppermint, melon, and one other one.....can't remember. Stevie (my dog) LOVES them. I had to stop wearing them to bed because once I put them on she attacks my face and won't leave me alone trying to lick them's pretty funny. 

Okay that's all! I know this is long but I have a lot of favorite things :) Hope you enjoyed!

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