Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beauty Blog??

I follow tons of 'Beauty Bloggers' and Beauty 'YouTubers' and I've always wanted to do it myself but never really had the time....well now I do have the time so I'm gonna try it out and if I fail miserably then oh well it'll still be fun!

Everyone already knows I'm a hair and makeup addict so I guess I'll start with my newest obsession: nail polish! I've never really gotten into doing my own nails (I always just get pedicures and French acrylic nails buy I'm tired of it ruining my finger nails!) There are a lot fun trends with nails right now, my favorite being where you paint them one color but do something funky on your ring finger nail. Glitter, crackle polish, a different (coordinating of course) color, etc... I haven't tried that out yet but I will soon.

Here are some cute examples:

Now I'm probably not talented enough to try the last one but I do really like it! Here's what I did with my nails today:

 The polish is by O.P.I and it's called 'The Tazmanian Devil Made Me Do It'. I love O.P.I's polish names! My fave by them is 'Lincoln Park After Dark'

Okay, that's all I have to say for now. Happy Painting :)

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