Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Autumn in the Northwest

These are some pictures I took over the weekend in Portland and also in Vancouver, WA. The road right outside our Condo is lined with bright yellow trees and it makes me so happy when I see it. I've always loved how pretty Fall is and it magnificent here in the Pacific Northwest! Even though I'm homesick almost every day and I miss my family terribly I can't help but feel incredibly blessed with the opportunity God has given us to be able to live here....especially since it's only temporary, ha ha! I am able to take a year off from work and Matt and is getting some really great training with his job and will be a certified 'Lean Expert' when we return home. I am so proud!

This post about the autumn scenery turned into me counting my blessings...but it's that scenery that reminded me how very blessed we are. In the words of Madea - Halleluyer, thank ya Jesus ;)

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